Inside and outside bets in roulette

Inside and outside bets in roulette

Many people are unaware of the different bets that can be placed when playing roulette. It’s not just a case of betting on a single number, or betting on red or black, and crossing your fingers. Roulette actually has a range of different betting options available, with each one offering different chances to win. The most common selections that players use are the inside and outside bets. Here is a closer look at the popular betting choices you can pick from when playing roulette.

Inside bets

 Roulette is very different frompoker. There are far more choices on offer in poker combined with a different form of strategy – if you wish to play poker, you can find a good, trustworthy site at Poker Compare.

However, it would be unfair to call roulette a game without any depth. The inside bets are often the first selections that players look towards. This is because they tend to offer higher odds to players than the outside bets, though obviously with the higher odds comes more risk. This is different frompoker mainly because poker is based more on the individual hand and betting rounds rather than predetermined bets being offered.

The inside bets that are offered are as follows:

  • Straight up. A bet on a single number.
  • A bet on two sequential numbers.
  • A bet on three numbers in a horizontal line.
  • A bet on four numbers connected in a square.
  • Six line. Basically two street bets – so a bet on six numbers.

The reason why these bets tend to have higher odds than the outside bets is because they cover a smaller selection of numbers. The straight-up bet is obviously the smallest selection of numbers offered, and as such it offers the highest odds. The six line gives you six chances to win but has slightly lower odds as a consequence. Players will normally lookto the stats in order to choose best timeto place these bets.

Outside bets

Outside bets will offer a much larger selection of numbers to players, but as a trade-off, there are smaller odds offered. The outside bets that are available to players are as follows:

  • Evens/odds. A bet on whether the number that lands is odd or even.
  • Red/black. A bet on whether the number that lands is red or black.
  • Dozen bets. A bet on a selection of 12 numbers, made up of three sets of four numbers.
  • Column bets. A vertical selection of 12 numbers.
  • High/low bets. A bet on the number being either 1 to 18 or 19 to 36.

Obviously, it depends on the wager you choose as to the odds that are offered. There are three different selections here that usually offer even payouts as they split the numbers available almost directly down the middle. In terms of the chances of winning, these bets are the highest in the game. As such, they are often chosen by players who want to try to play with some form of strategy in place.