The new favourite game of Hipsters

The new favourite game of Hipsters

New games with few or no rules are catching attention of youngsters for fun. Especially games of hipsters which provide single player thought provoking experiences which cover stories, aesthetic of the games are favourite of all. Hipsters who are eager to learn, to see, to play and enjoy new games, their new favourite games are listed below.

Legend Online

الاسطوره اون لاين is a combination of free to play strategy. We have choice among three classes: a sorcerer, a fighter, or an archer. You can visit and discover places, one by one, while at the same time completing the received quests. You also need to gather various kinds of loot during the adventure, which can be used as an upgrade to the gear. The Legends is a musical instrument which has a varied music style. Playing this will shift your shape of a world differently.

War Tune

War Tune Reborn is a competitive browsing game with a portion of adventure. In this game players take different roles and won the battles with unique storyline. It has winning battles and it is important to find treasure in order to gain experience, rewards, gold and other resources. War tune has lots of features to it. The game has many functions. Many players get surprised when they get to know their characters are deleted. This help them in building long term experience for the player to not repeat the same mistake as done before.

Dragon Awaken

There are many games that are based on fantasy, and Dragon Awaken is one such game. In this game, players develop dragons and train themselves with new skills. This game is not available for downloads and one has to browse internet to play. This game has different levels, with various characters, different types of powers are available to harness dragons. Dragon awaken has many dynamic scenes and simulations. A dramatic story and scenes keep players engaged for long time, which is not available in other browsing games.

Eternal Fury 2

Eternal Fury 2- Become Proficient in Mercenary, this game is very similar to War Tune. It is an action game-based strategy game combining modern adventurous action and classic interactions. You have to make dangerous adventures in this fantasy world to regain your memory and protect the world from demon like creatures. To beat others, you’ll need to create an army, summon mercenaries and upgrade equipment to prepare for the most historical combat. This is a role playing game. The last battle is of darkness and lighting.

Anthem of Heroes

Anthem of Heroes is a remarked game for hipsters.  It is known for its large, complicated, single player role playing games which now offers an evolving environment that will entertain players for several years for hundreds of hours. A hero of anthem is a two in one game with strong multiplayer action, and a slow paced, heavy dialog, quasi immersive character drama on the other. The whole game is filled with action and battles, which amaze players.